Bible Cross References
two breasts
Song of Songs 1:13
My lover has the scent of myrrh as he lies upon my breasts.
Song of Songs 7:3
Your breasts are like twin deer, like two gazelles.
Song of Songs 7:7
You are as graceful as a palm tree, and your breasts are clusters of dates.
Song of Songs 8:1
I wish that you were my brother, that my mother had nursed you at her breast. Then, if I met you in the street, I could kiss you and no one would mind.
Song of Songs 8:10
I am a wall, and my breasts are its towers. My lover knows that with him I find contentment and peace.
Proverbs 5:19
pretty and graceful as a deer. Let her charms keep you happy; let her surround you with her love.
Isaiah 66:10-12
Rejoice with Jerusalem; be glad for her, all you that love this city! Rejoice with her now, all you that have mourned for her!
You will enjoy her prosperity, like a child at its mother's breast.
The LORD says, "I will bring you lasting prosperity; the wealth of the nations will flow to you like a river that never goes dry. You will be like a child that is nursed by its mother, carried in her arms, and treated with love.
1 Peter 2:2
Be like newborn babies, always thirsty for the pure spiritual milk, so that by drinking it you may grow up and be saved.
Song of Songs 2:16
My lover is mine, and I am his. He feeds his flock among the lilies
Song of Songs 6:3
My lover is mine, and I am his; he feeds his flock among the lilies.