Bible Cross References
Job 10:20
Isn't my life almost over? Leave me alone! Let me enjoy the time I have left.
Job 10:21
I am going soon and will never come back--- going to a land that is dark and gloomy,
Job 14:5
The length of our lives is decided beforehand--- the number of months we will live. You have settled it, and it can't be changed.
Job 14:6
Look away from us and leave us alone; let us enjoy our hard life---if we can.
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Genesis 5:24
He spent his life in fellowship with God, and then he disappeared, because God took him away.
Genesis 42:36
Their father said to them, "Do you want to make me lose all my children? Joseph is gone; Simeon is gone; and now you want to take away Benjamin. I am the one who suffers!"
Job 14:10-12
But we die, and that is the end of us; we die, and where are we then?
Like rivers that stop running, and lakes that go dry,
people die, never to rise. They will never wake up while the sky endures; they will never stir from their sleep.