Bible Cross References
my loins
Psalm 41:8
They say, "He is fatally ill; he will never leave his bed again."
2 Chronicles 21:18
Then after all this, the LORD brought on the king a painful disease of the intestines.
2 Chronicles 21:19
For almost two years it grew steadily worse until finally the king died in agony. His subjects did not light a bonfire in mourning for him as had been done for his ancestors.
Job 7:5
My body is full of worms; it is covered with scabs; pus runs out of my sores.
Job 30:18
God seizes me by my collar and twists my clothes out of shape.
Acts 12:23
At once the angel of the Lord struck Herod down, because he did not give honor to God. He was eaten by worms and died.