Bible Cross References
my fortress
2 Samuel 22:2
The LORD is my protector; he is my strong fortress.
2 Samuel 22:3
My God is my protection, and with him I am safe. He protects me like a shield; he defends me and keeps me safe. He is my savior; he protects me and saves me from violence.
2 Samuel 22:40-48
You give me strength for the battle and victory over my enemies.
You make my enemies run from me; I destroy those who hate me.
They look for help, but no one saves them; they call to the LORD, but he does not answer.
I crush them, and they become like dust; I trample on them like mud in the streets.
You saved me from my rebellious people and maintained my rule over the nations; people I did not know have now become my subjects.
Foreigners bow before me; when they hear me, they obey.
They lose their courage and come trembling from their fortresses.
The LORD lives! Praise my defender! Proclaim the greatness of the strong God who saves me!
He gives me victory over my enemies; he subdues the nations under me
Jeremiah 16:19
LORD, you are the one who protects me and gives me strength; you help me in times of trouble. Nations will come to you from the ends of the earth and say, "Our ancestors had nothing but false gods, nothing but useless idols.
who subdueth
Psalm 18:47
He gives me victory over my enemies; he subdues the nations under me
Psalm 110:3
On the day you fight your enemies, your people will volunteer. Like the dew of early morning your young men will come to you on the sacred hills.