Bible Cross References
He made them also to be pitied of all those that carried them captives.
1 Kings 8:50
Forgive all their sins and their rebellion against you, and make their enemies treat them with kindness.
Ezra 9:9
We were slaves, but you did not leave us in slavery. You made the emperors of Persia favor us and permit us to go on living and to rebuild your Temple, which was in ruins, and to find safety here in Judah and Jerusalem.
Jeremiah 15:11
LORD, may all their curses come true if I have not served you well, if I have not pleaded with you on behalf of my enemies when they were in trouble and distress.
Jeremiah 42:12
Because I am merciful, I will make him have mercy on you and let you go back home. I, the LORD, have spoken.'