Bible Cross References
Job 2:11
Three of Job's friends were Eliphaz, from the city of Teman, Bildad, from the land of Shuah, and Zophar, from the land of Naamah. When they heard how much Job had been suffering, they decided to go and comfort him.
Job 4:1
Job, will you be annoyed if I speak? I can't keep quiet any longer.
Job 8:1
Are you finally through with your windy speech?
Job 11:1
Will no one answer all this nonsense? Does talking so much put you in the right?
Job 32:2
But a bystander named Elihu could not control his anger any longer, because Job was justifying himself and blaming God. (Elihu was the son of Barakel, a descendant of Buz, and belonged to the clan of Ram.)
Job 32:3
He was also angry with Job's three friends. They could not find any way to answer Job, and this made it appear that God was in the wrong.
Job 32:5
When he saw that the three men could not answer Job, he was angry
ye have
Job 11:5
How I wish God would answer you!
Job 11:6
He would tell you there are many sides to wisdom; there are things too deep for human knowledge. God is punishing you less than you deserve.
Psalm 51:4
I have sinned against you---only against you--- and done what you consider evil. So you are right in judging me; you are justified in condemning me.