Bible Cross References
Job 2:11
Three of Job's friends were Eliphaz, from the city of Teman, Bildad, from the land of Shuah, and Zophar, from the land of Naamah. When they heard how much Job had been suffering, they decided to go and comfort him.
Job 15:1
Empty words, Job! Empty words!
Job 22:1
Is there anyone, even the wisest, who could ever be of use to God?
Job 42:9
Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar did what the LORD had told them to do, and the LORD answered Job's prayer.
Job 3:1
Finally Job broke the silence and cursed the day on which he had been born.
Job 3:2
O God, put a curse on the day I was born; put a curse on the night when I was conceived!
Job 6:1
If my troubles and griefs were weighed on scales,
Job 8:1
Are you finally through with your windy speech?