Bible Cross References
not thy
Job 4:7-11
Think back now. Name a single case where someone righteous met with disaster.
I have seen people plow fields of evil and plant wickedness like seed; now they harvest wickedness and evil.
Like a storm, God destroys them in his anger.
The wicked roar and growl like lions, but God silences them and breaks their teeth.
Like lions with nothing to kill and eat, they die, and all their children are scattered.
Job 11:14
Put away evil and wrong from your home.
Job 15:5
Your wickedness is evident by what you say; you are trying to hide behind clever words.
Job 15:6
There is no need for me to condemn you; you are condemned by every word you speak.
Job 15:31-34
If they are foolish enough to trust in evil, then evil will be their reward.
Before their time is up they will wither, wither like a branch and never be green again.
They will be like vines that lose their unripe grapes; like olive trees that drop their blossoms.
There will be no descendants for godless people, and fire will destroy the homes built by bribery.
Job 21:27
I know what spiteful thoughts you have.
Job 32:3
He was also angry with Job's three friends. They could not find any way to answer Job, and this made it appear that God was in the wrong.
Psalm 19:12
None of us can see our own errors; deliver me, LORD, from hidden faults!
Psalm 40:12
I am surrounded by many troubles--- too many to count! My sins have caught up with me, and I can no longer see; they are more than the hairs of my head, and I have lost my courage.