Bible Cross References
twenty years old
Numbers 4:3
and to register all the men between the ages of thirty and fifty who were qualified to work in the Tent of the LORD's presence.
1 Chronicles 23:24-32
These were the descendants of Levi, by clans and families, every one of them registered by name. Each of his descendants, twenty years of age or older, had a share in the work of the LORD's Temple.
David said, "The LORD God of Israel has given peace to his people, and he himself will live in Jerusalem forever.
So there is no longer any need for the Levites to carry the Tent of the LORD's presence and all the equipment used in worship."
On the basis of David's final instructions all Levites were registered for service when they reached the age of twenty,
and were assigned the following duties: to help the priests descended from Aaron with the Temple worship, to take care of its courtyards and its rooms, and to keep undefiled everything that is sacred;
to be responsible for the bread offered to God, the flour used in offerings, the wafers made without yeast, the baked offerings, and the flour mixed with olive oil; to weigh and measure the Temple offerings;
and to praise and glorify the LORD every morning and every evening
and whenever offerings to the LORD are burned on the Sabbath, the New Moon Festival, and other festivals. Rules were made specifying the number of Levites assigned to do this work each time. The Levites were assigned the duty of worshiping the LORD for all time.
They were given the responsibility of taking care of the Tent of the LORD's presence and the Temple, and of assisting their relatives, the priests descended from Aaron, in the Temple worship.