Bible Cross References
it came
Genesis 39:20-23
and had Joseph arrested and put in the prison where the king's prisoners were kept, and there he stayed.
But the LORD was with Joseph and blessed him, so that the jailer was pleased with him.
He put Joseph in charge of all the other prisoners and made him responsible for everything that was done in the prison.
The jailer did not have to look after anything for which Joseph was responsible, because the LORD was with Joseph and made him succeed in everything he did.
Esther 6:1
That same night the king could not get to sleep, so he had the official records of the empire brought and read to him.
the butler
Genesis 40:13
In three days the king will release you, pardon you, and restore you to your position. You will give him his cup as you did before when you were his wine steward.
Nehemiah 1:11
Listen now to my prayer and to the prayers of all your other servants who want to honor you. Give me success today and make the emperor merciful to me." In those days I was the emperor's wine steward.
Nehemiah 2:1
One day four months later, when Emperor Artaxerxes was dining, I took the wine to him. He had never seen me look sad before,
Nehemiah 2:2
so he asked, "Why are you looking so sad? You aren't sick, so it must be that you're unhappy." I was startled